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Comparison between the events RMLL, CCC, FOSDEM & Ubuntu Party Paris

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Title RMLL (2007-2009)
CCC (2007-2009)
FOSDEM (as of 2008)
Ubuntu Party Paris (as of 2009)
Periodicity + Organization Every year, with different structures for the organization. Congress every year, camps every four years. Organized by the CCC. Every year. Organized by a benevolent group. Every six months. Organized by a benevolent group.
Duration 5 days (Tuesday to Saturday). May change in 2010. 4 days (Dec27 to Dec30). 2 days (Saturday and Sunday). 2 days (Saturday and Sunday).
Price Free Entry. 80Euros flat rate. Free entry, donations encouraged (T-Shirts and gifts are given by sponsors and given away by lotterie to donators). Free Entry.
Personal Data You must give your identity for the preregistration. You are not forced to preregister. Completely anonymous (cash payment and no infos). No data to provide. No data to provide.
Feminine Participation Less than 10% are women. About 10% are women. Less than 10% are women - even less than with RMLL. About 20% are women.
Badges Badges with person's (nick)name (not mandatory). No info about people you can meet. No info about people you can meet. No info about people you can meet.
Statistics Possibility to take statistics (like the number of participating countries, etc...) Very few statistics possible apart from those about people who talk. Very few statistics possible apart from those about people who talk. Some statistics.
Accomodation and Restauration Administration of accomodation in a university/school residence, food at a university/school restaurant. Also a list of recommanded accomodation/restaurants. Neither accomodation nor restaurant managed by the orga-team (only a dormitory). Food by a private company which has the monopoly of the food-selling on the congress palace. No managed accomodation. List of recommanded accomodations. Bar with sandwiches (large choice of drinks like beer, little choice of sandwiches) Restauration only for benevolent group and participants and sometime accomodation. Bar with sandwichs near the event, but a little bit expensive.
Visitors (total) Between 2000 and 3000 persons over a week. 4000 persons. Overcrowded rooms. Over 4000+ persons. Overcrowded corridors with stands during rush hours. Big impressing amphi theatre for the plenary session. 4000~ persons. Sometimes overcrowded rooms.
Participants Free software people (users and developers) + mass audience geeks, hobbyists, hackers, and activists. especially developers and activists. Free software people (users and developers), but mainly mass audience
Financing Public and private sponsors. Presence of institutions. Private sponsors for the material at least. No institutions. Private sponsors + donators. Only few or no institutions. Big sponsors, very visible (too much?). Very small cost. Goodies sell. Small sponsoring for the tombola.
Topics Focused on free software Focused on hobbyists+hackers (software, hardware, lego, modelism, artistic stuff, locksmithing/lockpicking...). The topic "privacy" ("private life") is of more of importance in Germany. Focused on development of free software Focused on Ubuntu and free software
Venue Each year a different town . More or less downtown at a university. Few decoration. At a congress hall in the east of Berlin (which is a fairly big city). Visual installations, lights, arts installation, geek decoration. Free University Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles). Pretty linear space. No decoration. La Villette - Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. Ubuntu decoration.
Social Event "Off" in town, "repas du Libre" ("meal of the free" - referring to freedom, free people, and free software). At hacker spaces bootlab and c-base within Berlin. "Beer event" on the night before first day (usually Friday). [And "free beer" event on the evening of first night (Saturday).] Internal bar frequently full of people during the day. Meal the first evening
Program Many topics and conferences in parallel. Printed programs for all participants. Three parallel sessions maximum (over 6 topics). Workshops. Printed programs are available. Some fifteen auditoriums and rooms in parallel, including some "lightning talks" and LPI exams. Impressive programs for each participant. A dozen of conferences + "lightning talks", a dozen of beginners sessions, Install Party all the time, rotation of exhibitions, Bug Jam. Night event in 2009.
Duration of Talks 45/50 minutes, sometime an hour. 1:15h - or "lightning talk" (5mins) 1:30h - or "lightning talk" (15mins) 1h - or "lightning talk" (15mins)
Start of the day Begins at 9:00, particularly for education and for the mass audience. About 10:30 or 11:00. 10:00 on the first day, and 9/9:30 on the second day. 11:00
Pauses No real pause between two conferences. 15 minutes pause between two conferences, with soft electronic music. Pause between two conferences or two sessions of "lightning talks". No real pause between two conferences.
Introductions No intros, only a little intervention of the man in charge of the topic. The orga introduces the speaker with a text which was given/validated by the speaker. The orga introduces the speaker with a text which was given/validated by the speaker. No intros, few intervention from the crew
End of Day Closing of the event ("In") about 18/19, then beginning of the social event ("Off"). Open all day, conferences until midnight. [There are extra night passes available to see and stay at hack center in the basement.] Closing at about 18h. Closing at 19h.
Equipment No microphone, or classical one. Lapel microphone, or headphones. Lapel microphone, or classical microphones. Classical microphones (wireless for questions).
Multimedia Partial recording. Partial video streaming. Recording of all the conferences (in theory). Live video streaming + multiformat postponed streaming. Partial recording. Live video streaming Ogg/Theora at the big amphitheatre. Partial recording. Video streaming live Ogg/Theora for conferences, when/if it works.
Spaces Conferences + workshops + stands + "le off" (social event). Conferences + workshops + stands + hacking + lounge. Conferences + workshops + stands + bar + developer rooms. 1 conference + 2 workshops + stands + install party
Only few internal signs (in progress since 2007). Signs on the outside. No outside signs; everything takes place in one place. Very good internal signs, with one paper color per room. Good external signs between buildings and on the campus. Enough internal signs. Few/no outside signs.
Beverages Coffee and beer. Club-Mate and beer (and coffee). Beer and coffee. Beverages are not allowed inside. Bar/restaurant near.
Goals Make Free Software people meet. Offer a comfortable space for meetings betweens geeks and hackers. Make developers meet between each other. Bring Ubuntu and Free Software to mass audience.
Talk Mass audience and politics. Technical subjects as well as technics and politics. Technical subjects. Mass audience, politics and technical subjects.
Place Bordeaux, Metz, Dijon, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, Amiens, Mont-de-Marsan, Nantes, (Strasbourg)... Berlin and surroundings/vicinity. Bruxelles (ULB). Paris (Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie).
Languages (visitors) The majority is French-speaking, otherwise English-speaking (sometime some other people if the event takes place near a border). Mostly German-speaking, otherwise English-speaking. It varies. People come from all over Europe, most speak English. Mostly French-speaking.
Languages (talks) French, English English, German English French

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